OneNairaSMSReliable Bulk SMS in Nigeria!

OneNairaSMS is not just the cheapest Bulk SMS in Nigeria per unit of SMS, our Bulk SMS Gateway is the fastest, affordable and reliable Bulk SMS Portal in Nigeria.

Send Bulk SMS messages to all networks in Nigeria and over 700 networks worldwide at the most affordable rates per unit on our SMS Gateway which is the fastest, affordable and reliable.

OneNairaSMS is Nigeria's leading Premium Bulk SMS Service Provider and we provide free test units of SMS when you register. We deliver your messages to all active numbers but not to all DND numbers.

We provide customised Bulk SMS to multiple phone numbers at the click of a button at the best price you can ever think of. We do not compromise QUALITY with QUANTITY as we deliver at simply 1 UNIT PER SMS!!!

Why You Need To Choose OneNairaSMS

  • Fast Bulk SMS Delivery
  • Over 2 Decades of Quality Service Delivery
  • Friendly Customer Support 
  • Customised Sender Names Delivery
  • Schedule SMS for Delivery at a Later Time
  • Transfer and Share SMS Credit With Loved Ones
  • Unlimited Sender Names Registration
  • Online (Automatic) Payment
  • SMS Units Does Not Expire
  • Online SMS Phonebook
  • FREE SMS On Registration

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